Friday, February 5, 2010

A Girl Needs to Feel Pretty!

What's black and white and read all over?  The new Hope Miche Shell. 

I needed to get a new set of nails - boy were they looking bad.  Good thing my nail technician, Lisa knows how to make my hands look and feel pretty.  I think every girl/woman needs to feel pretty and a simple trip to the nail salon can change your outlook on life in just one hour.  Everyone notices your hands.  They almost define who you are.  They can say, "now there is someone who cares about her looks!"  Or they can say, "Wow! she doesn't have any time for herself!" 

Going to the nail salon is a great time to socialize and that's why I brought Hope with me today.  As you can see by her cover, she loves to socialize.  She definitely has a lot to say!   She 's all about breast cancer awareness and everytime someone purchases a Hope Shell, Miche Corporate gives $5.00 to Breast Cancer Research.   The best thing about Hope, is that she comes in the Classic Shell (above) and the Big Bag style that you see below.  Hope is $29.95 for the Classic and the Big Bag Shell is $44.00.