Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to Business

Ok, well the reason I haven't been posting on this blog is because I have been out of touch with the internet for 6 weeks and then I was overwhelmed with emails when I returned. Hopefully, all is well now and I can get back to the business of promoting my business and have some fun doing just that!

Just before I left town for 6 weeks, I started venturing into the world of social media (Facebook) as an additional way to promote my business. Wow! If you are not participating in this incredible way of marketing yourself then you need to start NOW! My website's traffic increased 244% in one month! Call me crazy for doing this and then leaving town though, because my email was through the roof!

So one of the fun things about Facebook is you can start a group about just anything. My first group is called "Pearls of Wisdom". I really tried to come up with a group name that also hinted at who I am - WhatEver Accessories. I'm at almost 400 members and growing daily. This group was designed for just women, but you can have many groups in many niches. What a great way to network! If you want to work with me and grow your own groups, join Facebook, ask me to be your friend and join one of my groups. Let Social Media help grow your business!

I look forward to hearing from you,