Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Are You?

Watch this video - where do you fit in? Are you sitting down waiting for things to happen? Are you on top of the world but stressing out? Are you just part of the crowd? Are you the follower or the leader?

I can tell you what I've learned... It's okay to sometimes to sit down and relax and wait to see what happens, it's also okay to be on top but enjoy it while you are there - not stress out. You can be part of the crowd, but while you are there you should be making new connections. It's also okay to sometimes be the follower as you learn new things, but being a leader is an awesome feeling and one you should strive for whatever your goals are in life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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Lucious red Sidney is the first of the new releases coming up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Birthday Surprise!

I was looking at my pics from our trip to Montreal and decided to share my birthday surprise. My hubby planned this great trip to Canada way back in the Spring when I was stressing out with long distance family matters. He kept the whole trip a "secret" revealing to me in July that we were going somewhere and that it was a surprise trip for my birthday. He didn't reveal the plans to me until 2 days before we were to leave. I told him I was losing sleep about what to pack and he better give me some kind of clue....soon! I always stress about what clothes and shoes to pack. The only thing I'm sure about anymore is my Miche Bag and Shells. On my actual birthday, we had a wonderfully romantic dinner cruise on the St. Laurence River. It rained, but it was still beautiful! We had our very own fireworks show with lightning and thunder and I was even surprised with a sparkler on my cake. We both sat stunned looking at the sparkler and just as it was going out I realized we didn't get a picture.

The food was really great. Apparently, the chef is also with a 4 star restaurant - impressive! It was surprising how few people were on the boat - I guess a sign of the economy even here in Canada.

The weather got really nasty with lots of thunder, lightning and very heavy rain. And the boat...well it seemed like we weren't even on the water. I was really amazed that this boat was so stable.

As we were coming back to the dock, we both realized we didn't have an umbrella or for that matter, anything to protect us. But, we got lucky! As soon as we were docked the rain suddenly stopped and we were able to hail a cab in record time.
This is definitely a birthday to remember... surprising, romantic, fun, scary and a very BIG one. Oh, whatever! You're only as old as you feel!

Happy Birthday to me........

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Bit of Nostalgia

While in Montreal, we came across many phone booths. In this new world of super technology you just don't see phone booths anymore in the U.S. Whatever happened to them? Remember when college students would try to see how many can fit in a phone booth? Remember when Clark Kent would become Superman in the phone booth? Remember the movie "The Birds", when Tippy Hedren found safety in the phone booth?

Boy, we found so many creative uses for this big box that is becoming extinct due to technology. It was a bit of nostalgia and I enjoyed seeing them. I know, it sounds crazy, but I was having one of those senior nostalgic moments. Kids today would not know how or why to use a phone booth if they came across one here in the U.S.