Monday, September 29, 2008

Singing in the Rain

Yes, it was a rainy day! But, it was one of those perfect rainy days. Just a drizzle which I think is unusual for the Midwest. We usually get torrential downpours and driving sideways rain. But today's rain was "perfect"! I went out running errands today and totally enjoyed the rain. I didn't use an umbrella, opting for my bucket hat and a raincoat - perfect! I wish it would always rain like this. Since my garden is still gorgeous the rain was perfect to keep those blossoms coming. In twenty years living here in the Chicagoland area, I don't ever remember my garden lasting this long. Usually by the first part of August I am so over it! So while I was out in the rain today I remembered my favorite rain song, "Singing in the Rain". I was so surprised when I found it on youtube. ENJOY!

Note: picture was taken by Todd Bates in England

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Way I See It #293

I'm a Starbucks addict.

Every day I make at least one visit to Starbuck's for a grande non-fat latte. Sometimes I even get an extra shot! I don't know what it is about the coffee that I love so much. I've tried the other coffee houses, but I like my coffee STRONG, and Starbuck's coffee is just stronger in taste than other places. I spend about $30 a week on my coffee. And, yeah, I know that's a lot. BUT, I don't buy or drink soda. In fact, the only other liquid I consume daily is water. So I feel justified in my coffee habit.

So today when I got my morning coffee, I was reading my cup and this is what it said:

The Way I see It #293

The way I see it
Isn't necessarily
The way you see it
Or the way it is
Or ought to be
What's more important
Is that we're all
Looking for it
And a way to see it

by: Desi Di Nardo

So, in my opinion, #293 is exactly what I mean when I say "WhatEver is On My Mind". Thank you Starbuck's for that great little philosophical tidbit.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

That In Between Time

It's that in between time of year. It's not Summer and it's not quite Fall. I don't remember this when I grew up in California. I think we had only two seasons there. But here in Illinois we are stuck at in-between right now.

So what do we do at that in between time? I changed my wardrobe to my Fall/Winter clothes even though it probably is too early as warm days are still ahead. Just not hot, sunny days. I know I'll need to pull something out for a hot day, but I'm really ready to embrace Fall. And, have you seen that great array of purples in the stores? I didn't think there were so many shades of purple. But, be careful when choosing your purple because as I found out some will not be flattering on you depending on your coloring. But DO indulge in at least one thing in purple. When was the last time purple was so prominent in a season?

Okay, so back to that in between time of year. It's the time when you clean up the yard putting your garden to bed. Whew! What a workout today! I decided to get rid of some perennials that weren't performing that well anymore. That part of the garden looks "new" again. I'm not quite ready to put the garden accessories away yet. I enjoy seeing those out through the first frost. I hope that doesn't come until November. Wouldn't that be nice!

Note: picture is from my garden

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Couple

I love this picture. Is it a husband and wife? Or is it a son with his mother?

As husband and wife, I think they are soul mates. They have watched their child grow and leave home. Now the two of them are once again alone and enjoy the simple things in life such as a leisurely walk through town, reminiscing about the years that have made up their life together.

As a son with his mother they have a close bond. She can't imagine her life without him in it. A child always brings pure joy to a mother. She takes so much pleasure in watching him grow from a small child to a grown man. And, as you can see in the picture, he cares for his mothers well being. And the mother, watching where she is walking, is ever so grateful for his strong arm and the son she has raised.

Either way, I love this couple and hope their story is just like mine. I wish them love and joy!

Note: Picture was taken in Europe by my son Todd

Monday, September 8, 2008

An Interesting Weekend in Columbus

Ok, the yahoo drama is over - thank goodness! My site is up and running once again and I appreciate your patience if you had any problems. So now on to whatever else is new in my life....

and, that would be....

a beautiful evening at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio for a Food and Wine Show this past weekend. This incredible conservatory was built in 1895. They have a really nice collection of Chihuly glass. I took this one picture of the ceiling in a hallway that was really beautiful.

The food and wine was plentiful. The wine was from everywhere and the food was from local restaurants and really, really good! The only thing that would have made this even more incredible was the weather. We had a misty rain that was bothersome as people couldn't really stroll outside so the inside of the conservatory got very hot and crowded. And after a summer of sandals and flip flops, I have to tell you I have the worst blisters from these really "hot" peep toe red patent leather shoes. After awhile, I sat and just people watched. I was amazed at how many women "over" accessorized. I saw one women that had at least 6 or more chunky bracelets on, huge necklace and earrings and a very prominent belt. Ladies, please remember "less is more!"

So after a great evening, we spent the next day looking for an apartment for our son who will be attending OSU beginning this month to further pursue his education. After looking at several dumps, we found a great place in a good location. Now we have to pack him up and move him in. This apartment is really huge but only has one very small bathroom behind the kitchen - weird! But, you know, not something a boy would be bothered by. He advertised right away on facebook for a roommate as it is two bedrooms. The first (his) bedroom is downstairs with the living area/kitchen and the one and only bathroom. The upstairs is the entire space of the downstairs with a walk-in closet. This could actually be another apartment except it's missing the kitchen and bathroom. Well, he got a response right away from a 24 year old architectural design student. They hit it off well and SHE is moving in next week. It seem's the walk in closet is more important than the one and only bathroom downstairs behind the kitchen. I'm hoping (really hoping) that a female roommate will make him want to keep the apartment cleaner than his dorm room ever was. Is that wishful thinking?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Could Kill Yahoo!!!!

OMG!!! Today I found out that yahoo did not renew my domain. This is after I called them several weeks ago to make sure that my domain would be automatically renewed. I didn't think about it anymore until a customer called me wanting to know why there is an ad and not my website when they type in my website:

Wouldn't you know, I couldn't get in touch with a real person this time around so sent an email regarding this dilemma. I went ahead and signed up for my domain name again, but now I can't figure out how to connect the domain to my website once again. The good news is I have confirmation that this is once again my domain. Meanwhile, if any of you wonderful blog readers are trying to see my website you are getting an "Under Construction" page.

I've now been on hold with Yahoo for 30+ minutes. I'm starting to think maybe I should've found someone else to register my domain. I will keep you posted and hopefully you will be able to visit my website soon.